American English Conversation: Lesson 58

DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language (if needed). You’re encouraged to read these dialogues with your teacher, tutor, colleagues, family, and friends to practice and improve your American English even further.

Topic: Meeting New Neighbors

Dialogue 1

Lucy: Hi there, I’m Lucy. I just moved into the building next door.
Mrs. Thompson: Oh, hello, dear! Welcome to our neighborhood.
Lucy: Thank you. It’s great to meet you. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the building.
Mrs. Thompson: Of course, honey. Our building is quite old, but it has its charms. Most residents have been living here for years and know each other well.
Lucy: That sounds nice. I hope to get to know my neighbors too.
Mrs. Thompson: We’re a friendly bunch, so don’t be shy. We often organize events like potlucks or game nights in the standard room. You should join us sometime!
Lucy: That sounds fantastic. I’ll keep an eye out for those events.
Mrs. Thompson: If you need help settling in, just let us know. We’ve all been in your shoes before. Anything from helping with heavy lifting to recommending a good takeout place…
Lucy: Thanks again. It feels good to have such welcoming neighbors.
Mrs. Thompson: You’ll fit right into the neighborhood in no time.

Dialogue 2

Emma: Hi there! I’m Emma. I live in the apartment next door.
John: Oh, hi. Nice to meet you, Emma. I’m John. My wife and I just moved here last week.
Emma: Welcome to the building! It’s a great neighborhood.
John: Thanks! We’re excited about living here. What are some good places to go around here? Like for coffee or groceries?
Emma: Well, there’s a great coffee shop on the corner of Main Street. And there’s a big supermarket about five minutes walk away for groceries.
John: That’s fantastic. Do you know any good restaurants?
Emma: Yes, there’s a lovely Italian restaurant on Fourth Street that I’d highly recommend. They do these amazing pizzas.
John: Great, we’ll check it out. By the way, how long have you lived here?
Emma: Almost three years now. I love this building – friendly neighbors and quiet at night.
John: Yeah, it seems like a nice place. Anyway, we should get going, but thanks for your help, Emma!
Emma: No problem! Don’t hesitate to knock on my door if you need anything.

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