American English Conversation: Lesson 48

Welcome to American English Conversation: Lesson 48. In this lesson you have 1 discussion topic to encourage conversation beyond this activity as well as a dialogue to practice, read, translate, pronounce in English, and read along with the video. Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your listening, reading, pronunciation, and communication skills in English. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Humans have a fascination with animals. Whether they’re pets or wild animals, people want to see them and understand them better. Today’s conversation topic for English Learners is “Animals”. What conversations would you have with others about animals? What would others say to you? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re at a pet store with your parents since you’ve decided to get a pet. You’re looking at cats, dogs, and reptiles. What would you say to your parents? What would your parents say to you?
— You’re at the park with your dog when you see a dog trainer who’s conducting a class. You want to train your dog as well. What would you say to the dog trainer? What would the dog trainer say to you?
— You’re at an Animal Shelter and you’re looking at cats, hoping you could adopt one. What would you say to the animal shelter employee? What would the employee tell you?
Many Americans care about animals and are pet owners. You may want to think about and practice talking in English about animals.

PART 2 — DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogue below in English, then translate it and read it in your primary language.

Dialog 26: At the Pet Store

  • Connie:      Oh! What a beautiful cat. What do you think?
  • Gary:    I think I’d rather get a dog. Dogs are more loyal than cats.
  • Connie:      Yes, but they’re so much work! Would you be willing to walk it every single day? And clean up after it?
  • Gary:    Hmm. Good point. What about a bird? Or a fish?
  • Connie:      We’d have to invest a lot of money in a cage or a fish tank. And I don’t really know how to take care of a bird or a fish!
  • Gary:    Well, we’re obviously not ready to get a pet yet.
  • Connie:      Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go grab some coffee and talk about it.

PART 3 — DIRECTIONS: Watch, read-along, and pronounce with the video below a minimum of 2-3 times. After you finish, let us know what you learned via the comments section below.

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