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Our website, AmericanEnglishConversation.online , was designed with international English Learners in mind, to help build English conversation, pronunciation, and reading skills in a fun, easy, and clear way.

Each of our American English conversation lessons includes between 1 to 3 different American English dialogues that are interesting, fun, and easy to read. The dialogues are shorter and easier to read during earlier lessons, and gradually get more complex, using more advanced vocabulary and longer dialogues. Within each lesson, English Learners are encouraged to read each dialogue in the English language, as well as translate each dialogue in their primary language for greater comprehension. After reading each dialogue independently, students are then directed to watch a video where each dialogue is read out loud at natural speed, then at a slow speed for students to read along. Finally, students are encouraged to read along each dialogue at a faster speed, to increase English reading and pronunciation fluency.

After completing a variety of dialogues ranging from beginning to more advanced English levels, students receive more complex American English conversation lessons that encourage greater listening and reading skill practice which include a combination of American English conversation topics, complete with text and videos for guidance.

International English Learner students are encouraged to use an English dictionary as well as a translator as they read and try to comprehend each dialogue on our website. In order to build fluency in pronunciation, reading, comprehension, and overall communication skills, students should read each dialogue a minimum of 2-3 times on their own, as well as actively practice along with the provided educational videos a minimum of 2-3 times as well. In addition, we highly encourage our English Learners to practice the dialogues presented here together with family, friends, and colleagues.

There is no preset limit of American English conversation lessons available within this website, as new dialogues and conversations are conceived and published on an ongoing basis.

We encourage all visitors of this website to enroll in our American English Conversations lessons by e-mail, where they receive two lessons each week, as well as participate in regular weekend webinars and audio-video conferences where there are live online readings and practice of reading and pronouncing with a skilled American English teacher.

Here are our educational resources:

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