American English Conversations: Lesson 2

Welcome to American English Conversations: Lesson 2. In this lesson you have 3 dialogues to practice, read, translate, pronounce in English, and read along with the video. Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your listening, reading, pronunciation, and communication skills in English. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

PART 1 — DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language.

Dialog 4: Informal Introductions

(Sound of background conversation)

  • Jim: Who’s the tall girl next to Barbara?
  • Charles: That’s Mary Anderson. Didn’t you meet her at Steve’s party?
  • Jim: No, I wasn’t at Steve’s party.
  • Charles: Oh! Then let me introduce you to her now. Mary,  this is my cousin Jim.
  • Mary: Hi, Jim. I’m glad to meet you.
  • Jim: I’m glad to meet you. Can’t we sit down somewhere  and talk?
  • Mary: Sure, let’s sit over there.

Dialog 5: Time 

  • Margaret: What time is it?
  • Toni: It’s a quarter to five.
  • Margaret: Aren’t we supposed to be at Jim’s house by five o’clock?
  • Toni: Five or five­ thirty. He said it didn’t make any difference.
  • Margaret: Then maybe we could pick your suit up at the cleaners.
  • Toni: Sure, we have plenty of time.

Dialog 6: A Telephone Call 

(Phone rings)

  • Barbara: Hello.
  • Fred: Hello. May I speak to Alice Weaver, please?
  • Barbara: Just a minute… Alice, it’s for you.
  • Alice: Hello.
  • Fred: Hi, Alice. This is Fred. Would you like to go to a  movie tonight?
  • Alice: Thanks, I’d love to. I haven’t been to a movie for  a long time.
  • Fred: Good. I’ll pick you up around seven ­thirty, then.  The movie starts at eight.
  •  Alice: Fine, I’ll be ready. (Phone clicks down)

PART 2 — DIRECTIONS: Watch, read-along, and pronounce with the video below a minimum of 2-3 times. After you finish, let us know what you learned via the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “American English Conversations: Lesson 2

  1. Hi teacher, I like how you pronouce the dialogue. I’ve learned more from it and I want to continue listening of it. I hope I can learn more, to achieve my reading and listening skills. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Cricel. I learned English as a 3rd language and had good English teachers that helped me with my pronunciation. I hope you continue to benefit from our lessons.

  2. Thank you allot all my dear teachers and wep facilitators all of you I hope you are all good.
    Really I enjoyed how good pronunciation from my teachers I hope I will good as you one If Allah Will So.

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