American English Conversation: Lesson 59

DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language (if needed). You’re encouraged to read these dialogues with your teacher, tutor, colleagues, family, and friends to practice and improve your American English even further.

Topic: At the Bookstore

Dialogue 1

Sophie: Hi, Emma. What are you doing here?
Emma: Oh, just browsing a book on poetry by T.S Eliot.
Sophie: That’s great! I’m looking for a new novel to read. Have you seen any good ones lately?
Emma: There are some great titles in the literature section. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
Sophie: I usually read fiction but don’t mind non-fiction if it’s interesting.
Emma: Well, let me show you some of my favorites. This one is a thriller and has been getting positive reviews recently. Also, if you want something light, this romantic comedy might be more appealing to you.
Sophie: They sound great, but I’ll go for the thriller. What about you? Have you found anything else?
Emma: I’m also considering picking up this historical fiction novel. It won an award last year, and I love learning about different periods.
Sophie: Sounds fascinating! Maybe I should broaden my reading horizons too. Hey, have either of you heard of this author named Maya Angelou?
Bookstore Owner: Of course! She’s a famous poet and author known for her autobiographies and poetry collections. We’ve got several of her books over there under “Poetry.”
Emma: I’ve always meant to buy one of her poems. Would you like to head that way together, Sophie, so we can explore more books?
Sophie: Definitely. Thanks!

Dialogue 2

Emily: Hi there! Are you interested in literature?
Tom: Yeah, I love reading. I’m here to buy a book.
Emily: Great! What genre are you looking for?
Tom: I don’t know…I usually read fiction books, but I’m open to any suggestions!
Emily: Well, we have an extensive selection of non-fiction books if you’re into that.
Tom: Hmm…I’m not sure. Do you have anything on poetry?
Emily: Yes, we do! We’ve got some significant collections by contemporary poets or classic writers like Keats and Byron.
Tom: That sounds interesting. Can you show me where those books are?
Emily: Sure thing. Follow me! (walking towards the poetry section)
Tom: Wow, this is amazing—so many different choices.
Emily: Is there anything specific you had in mind? A theme, an author, maybe?
Tom: Not really…just something inspiring, emotional. Poetry helps me relax and unwind after work.
Emily: I understand. How about “The Waste Land” by T.S. Eliot? It’s a modernist masterpiece, full of vivid images and obscure references.
Tom: Sounds intriguing. I’ll take it!
Emily: Perfect choice! Let me ring that up for you at the counter.
Tom: Thanks so much for your help. Do you have any other recommendations for future buys?
Emily: Sure, we have many great novels and short story collections too. Or, if you want to learn more about a specific topic, we have plenty of informative essays and biographies.
Tom: I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks again, Emily. This was a lovely experience.

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