How to Speak Better English (Article 17)

I’ve been working in the field of ESL for over 33 years now, and I still learn new things every day. As I’m sure most of you know, good English is not only important when you are writing, but also when you speak. This article focuses on how to speak better English. It includes 5 simple steps that will help you get your point across in English.

1. Practice More The best way to improve your English is to practice. This means reading, listening to English radio or TV shows, watching English movies or documentaries, and speaking English with native speakers.

2. Listen to English Radio and TV Shows Listening to English language radio and television shows is one of the easiest ways to improve your English. You can find a lot of English language radio stations at your local library, or if you have access to the internet, you can use the BBC’s iPlayer or any other online radio station.

3. Watch English Movies and Documentaries Watching English movies or documentaries is another good way to improve your English. While most people tend to watch English movies and documentaries in English, it’s not always necessary. Many English movies and documentaries are available in other languages too. You can find these on sites like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, etc.

4. Speak with English Native Speakers Speaking with English native speakers is also a great way to improve your English. Most English native speakers have a working knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, which is something that many people lack. You can find native English speakers through online dating websites, social media platforms, or by simply asking people around you.

5. Speak with Friends or Family Members Speaking with native speakers is one of the best ways to improve your English. While this step isn’t the most direct, it will help you understand English grammar and vocabulary better.

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