American English Conversation: Lesson 74

DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language (if needed). You’re encouraged to read these dialogues with your teacher, tutor, colleagues, family, and friends to practice and improve your American English even further.

Topic: Getting a Check-Up

Dialogue 1

David: Hi, I’m here for my medical check-up.
Receptionist: Hello, David. Let me check you in and give you these forms to fill out. Have a seat, and the nurse will call you when ready.
David: Thank you.
Nurse: David? You can come with me now.
David: Hi.
Nurse: How do you feel?
David: I feel good, just a little tired lately.
Nurse: Okay, let’s take your blood pressure first. Perfectly normal. Now, breathe in…and breathe out. Good.
David: Do I need any blood tests or anything like that today?
Nurse: Not unless there are any particular concerns you have. The doctor will speak with you shortly, but when was your last physical examination?
David: Almost two years ago.
Doctor: Hi there, David. Everything looks healthy so far. Any concerns you want to discuss?
David: Just some minor fatigue sometimes.
Doctor: It could be stress. But we’ll order blood work to see if anything else is happening. Otherwise, maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan.
David: Sure. Will I get the results of my blood test soon?
Doctor: Yes, usually within three business days. We’ll contact you with any updates. See you next year!

Dialogue 2

Grace: Hi, I’m here for my medical check-up.
Receptionist: Sure. Can you fill out this form, please?
Grace: Okay.
Nurse: Hi, Grace. Follow me to your exam room.
Grace: Hi, thanks.
Nurse: Please take off your shoes and step up on the scale.
Grace: Okay.
Nurse: Great, now let’s check your blood pressure.
Grace: Alright.
Nurse: Your vitals seem healthy. Now I’ll go ahead and draw some blood for your tests.
Grace: Oh, okay.
Doctor: Hi, Grace. How do you feel today?
Grace: I feel good, thanks.
Doctor: Any specific concerns or issues you want me to address?
Grace: No, not really. Just a regular check-up.
Doctor: That sounds good. Based on your results, everything seems fine. However, we will follow up if there are any concerning abnormalities in your blood tests. Keep yourself healthy by eating well and getting enough exercise!

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