American English Conversation: Lesson 54

DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language (if needed). You’re encouraged to read these dialogues with your teacher, tutor, colleagues, family, and friends to practice and improve your American English even further.

Topic: First Day of School

Dialogue 1

Sophie: Hi, I’m Sophie. What’s your name?
Tom: I’m Tom. It’s my first day here.
Sophie: Welcome to our school! Have you met the new teacher yet?
Tom: No, not yet.
Sophie: She’s lovely. Her name is Mrs. Johnson.
Tom: That’s good to hear. I hope she won’t be too strict.
Sophie: Nah, she’s incredible. Just some advice, though, make sure you pay attention and listen carefully in class.
Tom: Yeah…I’ll do that. Is there anything specific we need for this class? Like a textbook or something…
Sophie: Oh yeah, we got that yesterday. Here it is. (hands over the textbook)
Tom: Wow, this looks tough. There are so many big words.
Sophie: Don’t worry, we’ll help you out. And Ms. Johnson explained everything very clearly. Besides, reading textbooks is annoying but will help us learn more about the subject.
Tom: Ok, maybe later then. So did anyone tell you what time the lunch break is?
Sophie: Lunch break starts at noon. We have 45 minutes to eat and hang out with friends or play some games before returning to class.
Tom: Awesome. Hey, what about classroom rules? Is there anything important I should know?
Sophie: Mrs. Johnson gave us a handout on the first day of school. You can check it out later during recess if you want. But it’s like common sense – respect others, turn off your phone, don’t chew gum, etc.
Tom: Got it, thanks. This school seems pretty friendly.
Sophie: Thank you. Most of our classmates are friendly people. I think you’ll enjoy studying here.

Dialogue 2

Miss Smith: Good morning, everyone. Welcome to your first day of school!
Samantha: Hi, Miss Smith!
Miss Smith: Please take a seat, and we’ll get started.
Peter: Where do we sit?
Miss Smith: Anywhere you’d like for now, Peter. We can rearrange seating as we go.
Tommy: I don’t know anyone here. Can I sit with someone?
Miss Smith: Absolutely, Tommy. Samantha, would you mind sitting with Tommy? You two seem to be around the same age.
Samantha: Sure, no problem.
Miss Smith: So, we will start by learning some new material. Open up your textbooks to page one.
(Students open their books)
Miss Smith: Today, we will be reading about the history of our town. Who’s excited to learn something new?
(Silence in the classroom)
Miss Smith: Don’t tell me it’s too early on the first day already…
Peter: No, Miss Smith. It’s just that….I’m not sure reading is my favorite thing to do.
Miss Smith: That’s understandable, Peter. But sometimes, it’s necessary. In any case, let’s read together to make it more enjoyable.
Class: (Groans)
Miss Smith: All right, all right. Let’s move on, then. We also have some rules to go over today. There are only three: respect yourself, respect others, and respect this classroom.
Samantha: What about being late?
Miss Smith: Great question, Samantha. Being on time is essential, too, especially since we don’t want to disrupt the class or miss out on anything important. Does anyone else have any questions before we begin?
(Tommy raises his hand)
Miss Smith: Yes, Tommy?
Tommy: Do we get recess today?
Miss Smith: Not today, Tommy. We must focus on acclimating to our new classroom and meeting our new classmates. Maybe tomorrow.
Peter: (muttering) I still don’t like reading…
Miss Smith: Peter, can you come to see me after class? We can talk about any concerns you might have or ways we can make this more enjoyable for you.
Peter: Okay, Miss Smith.
(End of scene)

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