American English Conversation: Lesson 24

Welcome to American English Conversation: Lesson 24. In this lesson you have 1 discussion topic to encourage conversation beyond this activity as well as a dialogue to practice, read, translate, pronounce in English, and read along with the video. Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your listening, reading, pronunciation, and communication skills in English. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Hello, English Learners. For Informal Greetings and Farewells, when you know someone very well and feel comfortable around them, you can use informal language. In English, we normally use informal language with family and friends. How would you start and end an informal conversation? What would you say?

Imagine meeting a close friend at the supermarket. What would you say?

Imagine meeting your cousin at the park. What would you say?

Imagine meeting your brother at the library of your school. What would you say?

Imagine waking up one early morning and greeting your mother who is preparing food in the kitchen. What would you say?

In American English, there is formal and informal language. We usually use informal language with family and friends, and use formal language with acquaintances, colleagues, educators, and employers.

PART 2 — DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogue below in English, then translate it and read it in your primary language.

Dialogue 2 — Informal Greetings and Farewells

  • Jane:    Hi, Helen! How’s it going?
  • Helen:  Fine, thanks – and you?
  • Jane:    Just fine. Where are you off to?
  • Helen:  To the library. I’ve got a history exam next week and need to start                   studying. Ugh.
  • Jane:    Oh, no. Well, I’ll see you later then. Good luck!
  • Helen:  Thanks. See you later.

PART 3 — DIRECTIONS: Watch, read-along, and pronounce with the video below a minimum of 2-3 times. After you finish, let us know what you learned via the comments section below.

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