American English Conversation: Lesson 81

DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language (if needed). You’re encouraged to read these dialogues with your teacher, tutor, colleagues, family, and friends to practice and improve your American English even further.

Topic: At the Airport

Dialogue 1

Liam: Hey, are you waiting for your flight too?
Emma: Yeah, I am. Do you know where the departures board is?
Liam: Sure thing, it’s just over there.
Emma: Thanks! I’ve got a ticket for 11 am to Paris, but it says on the board that it’s delayed. Did you see anything about that?
Liam: Hmm, let me check…yeah, your flight has been postponed by an hour due to weather conditions in Paris.
Emma: Oh no, what will I do for an extra hour here?
Liam: Don’t worry, there’re some great shops and cafes around, plus you can catch up with some work or reading if you need to.
Emma: That’s true. What about your flight? When are you taking off?
Liam: My plane’s not until later this afternoon. I’m heading back to Dubai.
Emma: That sounds exciting. Have you been before?
Liam: Yes, I have. It’s an exciting place.
Emma: Well, maybe you can give me some tips because it’ll be my first time in Paris and I hope to make the most of it.
Liam: Absolutely. Let me know if you want any recommendations for restaurants, museums, or anything else. And hey, if we both end up on the same flight, we can continue chatting!
Emma: Yes. Thanks for being so friendly, Liam.
Liam: No problem at all. It’s nice to meet new people at the airport.

Dialogue 2

Emily: Hi, Tom! Are you going on vacation?
Tom: Yeah. I’m flying to Spain for a week.
Emily: How exciting! Did you check in yet?
Tom: No, not yet. Where do I go?
Emily: Follow the signs for departures. You’ll see the check-in desks when you get there.
Tom: Great, thank you. Do you know which gate my flight leaves from?
Emily: Let me check… It looks like your gate is B17.
Tom: Okay, thanks. I hope I have enough time before boarding. What time does it leave?
Emily: The plane leaves at 3 pm, so you have plenty of time.
Tom: Good. And how’s your trip? Are you coming or going?
Emily: Neither. I’m waiting for my sister’s arrival from Paris.
Tom: Oh, that’s nice. Which terminal will she arrive at?
Emily: Terminal two. Her flight should be arriving now. There she is!
Tom: Cool. Have a safe and pleasant journey, then.
Emily: Thanks. You too!
[Tom heads toward the check-in desk, Emily greets her sister]

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