American English Conversation: Lesson 66

DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language (if needed). You’re encouraged to read these dialogues with your teacher, tutor, colleagues, family, and friends to practice and improve your American English even further.

Topic: Playing Pool

Dialogue 1

Tom: Hey John, are you up for playing some pool tonight?
John: Yeah, sure. Where do you want to go?
Tom: How about the new pool hall downtown?
John: Sounds good. I’ve heard they have some really lovely pool tables there.
Tom: It’s reasonably quiet during the weeknight, so we can get a few games in without waiting too long.
John: Great. Do you fancy playing one-on-one or doubles?
Tom: Doubles sounds cool. Maybe Ben and Peter will join us if they finish their work early.
John: Okay, let’s all meet around 7 pm then?
Tom: Perfect. Oh, by the way, do you need me to bring my pool stick?
John: No, they have plenty of them there. But if you have your favorite cue, please bring it, just in case.
Tom: All right, I’ll grab it before leaving. It’s gonna be fun.
John: Definitely. Playing pool is always a good time.
Tom: Thanks for coming along, mate.
John: Thank YOU. Let’s go play some pool!

Dialogue 2

Tom: Hey, Jack, it’s great to see you again. Fancy a game of pool?
Jack: Yeah, sure. Is there a pool hall here?
Tom: There’s one just down the street. It’s got a few tables.
Jack: Cool. I haven’t played in ages, so don’t expect much from me!
Tom: Don’t worry. We’re both just here to have fun.
Jack: True. So, how do we start?
Tom: First, you need your cue and some chalk. Then we pay for the table.
Jack: Sounds straightforward enough. Are there any pool rules that I should know about?
Tom: Well, there are different games you can play on a pool table, like eight-ball or nine-ball. But why don’t we keep it simple and take turns hitting the balls into the pockets?
Jack: Sounds good to me.
Tom: Great. You go first.
Jack: Okay, let me try this…
Tom: Nice shot! It looks like you’re not as rusty as you thought.
Jack: Ha! Beginner’s luck. Your turn now.
Tom: Watch and learn, my friend.
Jack: Whoa…you are a pro pool player.
Tom: Ahem. As I said earlier, let’s focus on having fun.
Jack: Sure thing. By the way, thanks for suggesting this. It’s been ages since I’ve had such a good time.
Tom: My pleasure, mate. Let’s make it a regular thing, yeah?

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