American English Conversation: Lesson 45

Welcome to American English Conversation: Lesson 45. In this lesson you have 1 discussion topic to encourage conversation beyond this activity as well as a dialogue to practice, read, translate, pronounce in English, and read along with the video. Please focus and do your best so that you can learn and improve your listening, reading, pronunciation, and communication skills in English. Don’t forget to use the comments section below to share your thoughts and what you’ve learned today.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Many people are avid fans of sports. Whether you love Cricket in India, football in the United States of America, or hockey in Canada, you’re considered a sports fan. You don’t have to be a sports fan to participate in conversations in English about sports. Imagine what would you talk about in English with other English speakers on the subject of sports. Here are a few suggestions:
— You are at a basketball game and you want to know which teams are playing. What would you ask the person next to you? How would that person respond?
— You’re at a park and your friends are playing baseball. They need one extra player and ask you to play. What would you ask your friends? What would they tell you?
— You’re at home watching the Olympics with some friends. What would you talk about?
While not everyone may be a big fan of sports, it’s always helpful to be prepared to speak in English about the sports you enjoy or find interesting.

PART 2 — DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogue below in English, then translate it and read it in your primary language.

Dialog 23: What’s Your Favorite Sport?

  • Phil:      What time is that soccer game on? I thought it started at noon.
  • Jack:     We must have had the wrong time. Oh, well … soccer’s not my favorite  sport anyway. I much prefer basketball.
  • Phil:      Oh, really? I thought your favorite sport was tennis! I’m a big fan of basketball, too.
  • Jack:     How about a game sometime?
  • Phil:      Sure thing! Why don’t we go shoot some hoops now since the soccer game isn’t on?
  • Jack:     Excellent idea. Let’s go.

PART 3 — DIRECTIONS: Watch, read-along, and pronounce with the video below a minimum of 2-3 times. After you finish, let us know what you learned via the comments section below.

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